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Success Thinking And Actions: Imagination for Controlling Thoughts

Imagination is a powerful state which fascinates, for instance when one thinks of any incident of grade school - perhaps, using a fat pencil for writing, you remember the fat pencil and that takes you to the memories of the elementary school. Now, if you think of an outing you are planning to go on next month, then you actually feel like you are there. Similarly, if one imagines of being on the moon and viewing earth from there, what one notices is a huge blue colored marble in space in place of the earth. This is what the power of imagination is all about!

Through imagination one can go back to the past incidents of life, try to run through the future, and take off on a journey of visualization, and these all can happen within no time.

The images that you may have in your mind may not be in sequence or proper detail, and may not remain in your imagination for a long time. But there is no doubt that you might have gotten the idea of each of the images. During imagination, some people may actually see the images or some may simply feel, or hear them. Whatever way you visualize it is perfectly normal for you.

While having an imagination is useful, if you do not have a control on your conscience, it might be harmful to you. Because if you do not have powerful control of your mind, imagination can also bring back the dreadfulness of the past, such as memories of those moments when you were really scared, felt guilty, felt unworthy, hurt, or really angry. These kinds of negative memories are brought back through imagination because you fail to control your mind. These can create fear and worry in you, which will eventually hamper your actions.

While considering the future, the mind uses the power of imagination. It not only projects the failure but also imagines failure that is massive, embarrassing, or public. Considering this unfriendliness, it is hard to imagine that we even get out of  bed. Our mind (unless we direct it) uses even the news or imaginary failures probing to worry our minds. Imaginations recapture our mind's fear, which will be always be ours alone. One can remember his past and can choose his future as one desires, and relate his real and unreal failures and successes and events to himself.

Though our pasts are full of good and bad things, but when one remembers the good ones, he put up an image of himself as a doer and as an achiever: a person with charm who is kind and good. This results in the formation of a strong base for future initiatives.

So when we channel our thoughts in a constructive manner, we can achieve what we desire inside us. This constructive image of the future not only guides us to the right path but also attracts us towards our goals.

While hearing good news, reading a motivational story, or while watching an inspirational movie, you can use your imagination to picture yourself as the main player of the various actions. This will allow you to relate to yourself in a positive and uplifting way.