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Success Thinking And Actions: Overcome the Fear of Success

Think of a situation where one enthusiastically shares his or her new ventures or exciting ideas to the person whom he or she looks to as an idol. The idea can be starting any new thing, for example starting a new career, weight lose program, or marriage, changing looks or image, continuing education, and  so on and so forth. However, all that the person could get as a response is a negative comment, like the ideas are ridiculous, they are just a day-dream, or worse -  that he or she is never going to do anything good in life!

These types of negative phrases can generate within a person a negative attitude, such as the phobia of failure and denial, which can make a person feel helpless and vulnerable. Negative attitudes create self-doubts, such as not sure enough of one's motivation as others do not think so, and act as a hindrance on individual's achievement. 

Let us recall similar situations like a person finally getting selected as a part of a sport team but left behind as a substitute, at the end. This is an example for similar situations where the feelings and experiences of being left-behind arise. In such a situation what does it takes to speak up or move on to become what one really desires within, or be a part of the competitive edge to be a winner.

Accepting such a situation and feeling helpless is similar to being a part of a drama but not acting out the part. If a person fails to dedicate himself completely to his task for achieving his goal, the problem might be the lack of self-confidence, or even the fear of success. One should do a self-analysis on these bases because it might be quite possible that the root cause of all these negative attitudes lies in the lack of self-assertion, or negative statements. Dominating the thoughts with negative self-talk kills the motivation and acts as an inner barrier that needs to be removed from one's attitude.

The following steps will help overcome the fear of success:

1. Constantly assert yourself that you are not afraid of challenges. Be eager and prepared to challenge yourself to the best of your capacity. Move ahead in your communication by eliminating all pessimists self-talk from your speaking and thinking vocabularies.

2. Dedicate yourself completely to accomplish your goals. Stop putting blames on yourself and increase self-worthiness in you. Bring motivation in you by taking pride in your accomplishment. This will help you to wash away all the self-doubt verses, such as should, ought, and must from your verbal communication.

3. Be confident and constantly acknowledge yourself as continuously developing. Broaden your outlook by stretching out mentally, emotionally, and physically. Remember: your feelings and actions are the result of your beliefs; therefore, it is important for you to believe as well as feel that you are a happy, strong and a powerful individual.