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Success Thinking And Actions: The Success Mind

What is the success mind? Does such a thing exist? Can it be developed? How is it defined?

These are questions that arise when we think about how to achieve success in life.

The success mind is the optimal state in which the mind operates in an environment that enables and supports success thinking and actions. Supportive and positive beliefs are energised and activated. Negativity, self-doubt, fear and diffidence are abolished.

How do we access the success mind?

Attainment requires that we develop qualities and attributes which need to be present as a collective assembly of desirable traits.

I call these the 8 Cs of the success mind.The following provides a brief description:

1. Clarity

First we need clarity of our vision, purpose and goals. These must be specific to be useful as we set our sights on clear targets and objectives. If we do not know where we want to go or what we want to achieve, there can be no success.

2. Commitment

We must have unswerving commitment to our goals and targets and be willing to do whatever it takes, no matter what obstacles present themselves.

3. Choices

For the journey to success, the success mind requires that we make the appropriate choices in our beliefs,  thinking, methods, strategies and actions. At each step, the choices we make are critical to progress in our endeavors and activities.

4. Corrections

Nothing is perfect in this world. Along the way, we need to make corrections when we stray from the path to our goals. The lessons we derive from real-life experiences must be translated to modifications of our behaviours, thoughts, actions, and even sometimes attitudes.

5. Character

The success mind demands that we continue to grow in every way possible, especially in character. This defines who we are or who we can become. Our humanity and strength come from our character. Without it we lose our passion.

6. Consistency

The success mind recognises that consistent efforts ultimately get rewarded. Often the only difference between the mediocre and successful is a mere 5 percent of consistent actions. Do the same thing which creates value as often as possible and always be true to your mission.

7. Charity

The inclusion of charity may surprise some people, but it is essential to success. Our duty and responsibility as a human being require that we provide value to others willingly and without any expectation of immediate return. To be sure, the rewards will come, often in ways we do not expect and often many times over what we have actually given ourselves.

8. Confidence

We must believe in ourselves and our abilities. We must know what we have to do and know that we can do it. The energy of confidence is the engine for the success mind. It drives the living processes of communication among all the elements of the mind to bring about completion of any task or activity.

So there we have it. The 8 Cs of the success mind which enable success thinking and actions. They are within reach for all of us.