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Thinking About the Future - Mommy, What Will I Be?

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There is an old song from the famous actress Doris Day which some of you may know about or heard about called "Que Sera Sera." Most of you may only have heard about it from your parents. The song begins with a little girl asking her mother what she will be when she grows up.

"What will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich? The mother replies: "Que Sera Sera", which is French for "What will be will be", and continues with saying that "the future's not ourd to see".

While this is a really beautiful song and favorite for many, the philosophy described belonged to a different era when the average person was comfortable with the status quo; a steady job; not rocking the boat; and happy to just accept whatever happens.

The world today is very different. In an interdependent and global economy, the future is now what we make of it. Advances in science and technology; rapid expansion of economies to
the far reaches of the globe; and the tremendous growth of the internet has opened up both threats and opportunities.

The threats include such things as no guaranteed jobs; loss of competitiveness; a constantly changing economic environment and social dislocations.

However, the opportunities are also far greater than ever before for wealth creation; personal development; supporting worthy causes; and making a success of ourselves inwhatever we do.

It boils down to whether we want to see and think about the future we want to make and then do the things necessary to make it real.

It gives a different and forward slant to Descartes' well-known
existentialist philosophy: "I think therefore I am."

It's about success thinking and actions. Our future may depend on it.